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Etsy Featured Seller

Photo Cred:  Meagan Abell

Photo Cred: Meagan Abell

Okay so you have probably seen this on social media at some point elsewhere today. 
I mean I only posted about it everywhere ever, as did all of my friends, so you might be tired of hearing about it at this point, but on the off chance you didn't... I have some super amazing news.


I've been stuck in all caps mode since last night. Too many wonderful exciting things happening around here lately. Golly day. 

I think like any Etsy shop owner, I've dreamed about being a featured seller since I even found out what one was. I mean, hello, how could you not?
And keeping this to myself for the past month has been so hard because of how over the moon I've been about it. Constant dancing inside/uncontainable joy/random bursts of happy exclamations. Don't mind me. 
Okay but seriously though, real talk for a second, when I got the email from Etsy about it I may have teared up a little bit. A little bit. I was just so floored and honored. Is there another word for honored? Humbled? Flattered? Blessed? Overwhelmed? Cause I keep using that word a lot in trying to describe this, but that's pretty much how I felt. And still feel.
Especially today after it officially came out. My phone/all social media has been non stop going off with all of the texts and notifications I've been getting from everyone and their mom. Constant congratulating and sharing of my posts and liking them and commenting with crazy, wonderful, beautiful words (especially after Etsy posted about me on their Instagram and retweeted me on Twitter!) that really just have me sitting over here in tears because of how loved and supported I feel by all of you. I mean really. You guys are just so great. Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart. 

I'm just going to leave it at that for now. Because I kind of need to unplug from social media for a little while.... Definitely a little overwhelmed. In a good way though.
But right now I'm going to go for a walk and just revel in my current feelings of gratitude. 

Again, if it wasn't clear, you can read the featured article here!