Know Yourself

I just want to remind you to know yourself.
And if you don't feel like you know yourself, get to. 
Spend time with you in varying situations and places and circumstances.
Comfortable and uncomfortable.
Alone. With people. With strangers. With friends. 
Be honest about your loves and likes and dislikes.
Stay true to them when you find them.
But also be okay with them evolving and changing with you as you evolve and change. 
Don't be ashamed of the quirks and inconsistencies and wrinkles and bumps and imperfections.
Whether they be physical or emotional.
Be unwavering in embracing who you are.
The world will notice that. It's what's most attractive about people.
The embracing of their whole entire selves, flaws and all.
The openness, rawness and realness of being intrinsically human. 
If you currently feel like that, open, raw, and in a state of mess and struggle, embrace it.
Be there.
Be all there.
Because it's beautiful.
And you'd be so much duller, flatter, and unattractive without those pieces of you.
Because those pieces help refine and shape you into being a person worth knowing.  

//// Thanks Emily for modeling for these portraits.
I love that you know exactly who you are.
Keep knowing that.