At Twenty Four

learn to let a little more green into your life.


speak only good and kind things about yourself. because subconsciously, whether you realize it or not, good-or-bad you will step into and become whatever you speak over yourself. 
so speak positively.


share what is vulnerable, not what is intimate.


sometimes it comes down to books or groceries. 
it’s okay for books to win.


the value in having your own space, really and truly a space all your own will be a part of your life you didn’t know you were missing and will only help you embrace and become more of who you were meant to be. 
few people will understand this.
be okay with that.

journeys are, above all, a way of getting closer to yourself.


you chose this.
if you didn’t, choose something different because you have the freedom to choose.


keep only the things that speak to your heart and spark joy.
discard the rest.
this includes thoughts.


innovation happens at the intersections.

it is incredibly dangerous to assume.
you will miss out on so much if you get into the habit of doing this.


there’s a scarcity and sacredness to living slow.
when you’re able to, hold onto it, don’t let anything come along and speed it up.


the people.
it’s all about the people.


do not lose sight in the dark, of what you came to know to be true in the light.


you’re exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to go.