A Girl Named Leney


A Small List Of Just Right Things

twelve year old freckles

blank walls showcasing a single photo

ink scrawled words on a well worn page

the comfortable silence between you and a someone you feel at home with

sun splashed hardwood floors

a cleared inbox

routine how-are-you phone calls

a knowing smile between friends

a knowing smile between strangers

the thoughtfulness of a mother

slow burning candles

a clean sink free of dishes

the smell of rosemary

a cup of coffee brought in the early morning by a loving friend (or, honestly, any cup of coffee)

the satiny feel of endlessly used knitting needles 

a song with words that hit you right in the chest in that place where you really and truly get stuff

bike rides on chilly-grey days

these are the overlooked, not-as-noticed things i’m thankful for. 
i, of course, could go on and on about the big abundance i’ve been blessed with in the way of my family and friends and a home and my dreams and passions. and i do go on and on about them from time to time. but i wanted to take today, this day we reserve for thankfulness and being grateful, to take note of these small things. 

actually, now that i think about it, these small things speak of all of those aforementioned big things. 
they, in their smallness, just altogether make up the big things.
the just-right things.