A Girl Named Leney


About Books

these are a few film photos my friend meagan took of me around this time last year and they make me excited for warm weather and books.
one of my favorite combinations. 

summer is coming. 
which means reading. lots of reading.
despite the fact that i have long since been out of school of any kind, and so my summers are no longer regulated and pre-appointed as "free time", i still somehow find it easiest and most natural to read more in the middle-of-the-year-months.
as much as i love curling up by a fire on a wintry day with a novel or snuggling under covers late at night with a biography from whichever musician/artist i'm currently obsessed with, i still find i most often read on beaches in the sun.
on boats in the wind.
on grass in the shade.
which can definitely be done in the aforementioned chilly weather, but is much more pleasant if i'm not overly stiff and stuffed with wearing 45 layers to keep warm.

last week i went sailing and read four books over as many days. a feat i somehow am never able to manage anywhere other than on a boat. it was glorious. i've found that that's truly one of the top reasons i love sailing. with being on a boat day after day, there are few distractions from technology (especially when your phone breaks... eep!) and the outside world and there's almost endless blocks of time to be still, slow down, and get lost amongst the pages of a book. 

i've set myself a lofty goal of reading 50 books this year... we'll see if i make it. but regardless, i'm just happy to once again be in a season that allows for my book worm tendencies to come about more naturally.

books i'm looking forward to reading include...
ani difranco: verses
m train by patti smith
tales of beatnik glory by ed sanders
unabrow: misadventures of a late bloomer by una lamarche
the gorgeous nothing's: emily dickinson's envelope poems
the year of magical thinking by joan didion
east of eden by john steinbeck
and at least half of the 302938 books i have on dorthea lange...
what about you?
do you have any reading goals for the year? what's on your reading list?