A Girl Named Leney



there are things in life sometimes that are a mash up of a-little-bit-sad and a-little-bit-sweet but mostly-first-and-foremost very very important. 
i’ve had quite a lot of these things in my life over the past few years. something that perhaps is natural and comes most often with this whole being a twenty-something. 
but it’s most interesting to me now to look back on the sad things and see the sweetness in them. 
and vice versa with sweet things that have a little bit of sadness in them. 
but realizing the correlation between both of these kinds of moments is their importance. 
their importance in the lessons they taught me. in the becoming they allowed me. in the places they took me. in the people i met in them. they all, in their altogether mutual-sad-sweetness are important. 
and they add to the make-up of me and who i am.
i suppose the word for it is bittersweet.