A Girl Named Leney


Life Long Virginian

What a breathtaking state I live in.
Virginia is truly the epitome of beauty in the way of it's eastern shore, coastal towns, rolling green hills, fall foliage, charming historical cities, winding rivers and blue stony mountains.
I've traveled all over the country and to a few others as well and while there are many places that have captured my heart, I can't say I've yet found a place that feels the way this one does in that goldilocks just-right way.
I plan to live somewhere else for a time, at some point in my life. I've felt that season approaching and if it is in fact time for it I will welcome it with open arms.
But I do hope that this is the place I settle down when it comes time for it.
Because I do love it so.
And because no matter where I go, or where I live, at heart I think I will always be a life long Virginian.

Photos shot in Lexington, VA on 35mm film

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