A Girl Named Leney


Noisy Quiet

this is from a post i re-came across on my tumblr the today (yes. yes i tumblr. yes i write moody things on there that i don’t put here. you can perceive that however you want) from the summer of 2014.

it fit my mood so perfectly this morning, as i woke up in the early hours of the beginning day, before the sky brightened and the birds woke up.

i’ve evolved into so much more of a morning person, ever since the start of my twenties, and even more so now that i’m in the middle of them, and the noisy quiet is a perfect depiction to why i’ve come to love them so.

it's not very quite here.

there's thunder and leaves rustling outside that window, folk music playing from a corner, someone cooking in the kitchen, and air shushing through the air vents.

there's coffee steaming in a mug, candles flickering and static filled carpet under my sock clad feet (because noise is also visual).

there's quite a lot of noise. but nevertheless it feels quiet.

it's calming noise, these noises. i've never really thought about noise evoking quiet. but these do. 

it's in this kind of quiet, when i'm very still, that i most easily remember who i am and where i'm going.

things that are easy to forget in the midst of other noises. 

i wish i didn't forget these things so easily. but sometimes i do. 

so i'm grateful for moments like this one to redirect me. 

i'm grateful for this noisy quiet.