I've been a little absent from the blog as of late. A trend that always seems to come around this time of year when I'm busy with orders from the shop and finishing up photo editing for various clients before the end of the year. But it feels good to be back at it after a little time away and I'm excited to finish out 2015 strong, put some final touches on different projects and work related things as well as tie up loose ends before the start of a new year.

Over the past few days I got to rest, relax and recharge in a way I haven't been able to in quite some time.
It was just what I needed to recover from the crazy whirlwind that the holidays can so often be. 
I read two books, ate several delicious home cooked meals, didn't check email for three days (so hard for me not to do...), rarely looked at my phone (all but ignored it really, except when taking photos. Of course.) and was able to spend some quality time with those I love most in this world.
All of which make for a much happier and focused person who's ready to tackle this Monday head on that's for sure.

We all need time to rest, relax, rejuvenate and recharge sometimes.
All of the R's, you know?
I hope you have some time to do that before the start of the new year friend. 
You deserve it.