Roam Sweet Roam

Many of you have heard me talk about some of my favorite RVA makers, Jody and Karl of Blackbird Tees, quite a few times here on the blog. 
Well, they have some awesome new designs out and it's a theme and sentiment after my own heart....
Roam Sweet Roam.
As not only fellow makers, but fellow travelers (and taco lovers), these two are somewhat kindred spirits of mine. I'm so thankful to not only have the opportunity to work with such genuine souls like theirs, but to also call them dear friends.  
I mean it's not just anyone you can wander around abandoned airstreams with and make up fake rapper names with and jam out to the likes of Rick Astley... 
(thanks grandma)

Okay okay, what are you waiting for?
Go see the new stuff for yourself
And I'm not just sayin that cause I'm their model. ;)

Photos by Meagan Abell, as always.