The Classics Collection | A Knit Lookbook

Excited to announce part 1 of 2 in regards to the new direction I'm going with my knitwear! 

In the past I've made seasonal lines or collections of knitwear.
My most recent ones for example were: Gypsy Soul and On The Road.
While I contemplated making new lines for this year, something just wasn't clicking for me every time I set to working on it. 
I realized that every time I phased out a line of knitwear, there were always key pieces that were popular and still frequently asked for even after taking them down from the shop
I realized too that I had my own favorite designs that I myself loved most and chose first when heading out the door, even though I was continually making new knits for myself. 
And so it dawned on me that what I needed to do was just give the people (and myself for that matter) what they wanted.
The cozy accessories that go with everything.
The designs you invest in.
The pieces that become your favorite, well loved, and worn over and over.
The knits you always reach for over all the others time and time again.
The Classics.

And so I present to you, eight timeless pieces carefully selected from my past knitwear collections.
Each simple and minimal in their design, yet versatile in that they're able to be knit in one of 5 neutral colors so as to readily go with anything you own.

If this concept and collection had a sound, as my visual work so often does for me, it would be the hesitant stop-start bubbling of coffee brewing on a Monday morning, chilly waves lapping at a driftwood strewn shore, shrouds shifting against a tall mast on a docked boat, a momentary torrential rainstorm in the middle of a summer-almost-fall day, the low rumbling familiarity of a voice belonging to someone you love, and if it had a mix tape it would sound something like this.

The Classics Collection | A Knit Lookbook