Hitchin England | Siobhan

Hitchin England | Siobhan

These are portraits of a dear friend of mine. She lives in England. We’ve been friends for about seven years, but met in person for the first time this year.
Okay, there is more to this story…

Siobhan and I have been internet friends through our blogs for longer than we’ve had Instagram. I remember having my blog on Blogger when she started following it, and I remember her blog, Bless The Weather, on Wordpress back when she was mostly knitting and only dabbling in taking photos. (For those of you who don’t know, she’s a kick ass full time photographer now.)
We have come a long way in the development of our businesses, but more importantly our friendship.

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Maternity | Mary Beth & Dan

So happy for Dan and Mary Beth (and Piper too) and their new little one they have on the way. 
Madi is going to be one loved little girl when she arrives, that's for sure. 
Thankfully it wasn't too hot on this July day, something you always have to worry about when taking photos outdoors in Richmond around this time of year, and I just love how these turned out. 
I mean, isn't Mary Beth just stunning? 
Seriously, what a babe.

Definitely can't wait to meet little Madi and knit her heaps of tiny little baby clothes. 


Also check out the photos here.
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