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On Rebranding: The Logo

This is a little post about my logo.
One of the core pieces of my rebranding phase.
As is the case for most businesses, your logo is what sticks in people's minds when they think about your brand and what it is that you do. It needs to stand out. Be memorable. 
Chelsea did such a good job collaborating with me on mine and designing something that fit just right. I'm so in love with it!
And so, because I am so excited about it, I wanted to share a little bit more about the meaning behind it with you guys. 

The logo, in it's essence, is a profile of a girl. While the girl is, yes, technically a representation of me (my business is named after me after all) it also as a whole represents the A Girl Named Leney brand. In my mind, the profile is mysterious and intriguing in its presence. It personifies the free spirits, the adventurers, the nomads, the wanderers, the vagabonds, the travelers, the road trip takers, the wanderlust filled hearts, and the explorers.
The gypsy soul in all of us.  
Those people who love discovering new things and places and are always looking forward to the next adventure and discovery.
Those people who have hearts so full of dreams and goals they lie awake at night thinking about them.
Those people who have the ambition and drive to chase after those dreams and goals and make them a reality. 

The hat is, of course, my beloved Adventure Hat. Which speaks to just what it sounds like. Adventure. To living a life of it. To chasing after the things we're passionate about, that get us out of bed in the morning, that make us want to pack our bags and set out for new horizons to experience something bigger and greater than ourselves. 

The shoulder also symbolizes a mountain, furthering the adventursome spirit I want to embody in my brand. 
The wreath bits were inspired by rosemary. My favorite plant. Which has been known to symbolize love, remembrance, passion and goddesses of the sea (of course being the daughter of a sailor... Well I couldn't help but resonate with that).

As a whole, I want to help inspire and encourage others to seek out and recognize the passions and adventures they want to pursue in their own lives. I think that's what the A Girl Named Leney brand is about really. Looking outward. Onto bigger and better things. Dreaming infinitely. But ultimately, pursuing those God given passions, talents, and dreams that make us who we are. 
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
In fact, why don't you tell me what your dreams and passions are?
I love nothing more than listening to passionate people talk about the things they love.