A Wool Story | Processing A Fleece In A Fiber Mill

I've been wanting to make a video of this process ever since I began learning about it.
(It's probably that whole eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens thing)

This is my first foray into using youtube and iMovie past throwing together video clips and putting a song to it.

Editing the voice memos and music together was definitely a learning curve and I apologize in advance for any difficulty in hearing what I'm saying in the first part of the video! I decided to let that whole "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" thing be my mantra and get this video done vs. not because after staying up until 4am the other night working on it I had reached my limit (and here I am typing this at 4am.... I am definitely going to need some sleep this weekend!)

Over all though I really loved making this video and as I've been wanting to get more into doing videos of travels/vlogging/how-tos, this is probably not the last you'll see of this sort of thing. 

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P.s. My friend Emily deserves another shout out for helping me with this video (since I don't own a selfie stick and taking videos of myself would have been extremely difficult...)
Go follow her ethereal self on Instagram.

On Legacy

This video is just absolutely everything.
This is why I take photos.
This is why I find photographs so incredibly moving and sacred.
Oh how I absolutely love everything that Artifact Uprising stands for.
Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. 

***Warning: You may or may not shed tears while watching this.
Grab some tissues.

The Gap

So this video, as well as a few other versions of it, have been popping up into my little circle of the internet quite often lately. 
I think it's something every creative/artist/maker should watch. Heck, even if you don't consider yourself one of those things you should watch it. It's got some good really reminders and life lessons that can apply to more than just artistic endeavors I think.
I'm a little bit in love with it to be honest.
And as I'm sitting here belatedly getting my work day started on this Monday afternoon (hey, at least I worked out and showered this morning...), I think it's something I especially need to be reminded of. So I'm sharing it with you all today.
What are your thoughts on it?