Yesterday's Heroes

Life In The Country

“If I could have made the change sooner I daresay I should never have given a thought to the literary delights of Paris or London; for life in the country is the only state which has always completely satisfied me, and I had never been allowed to gratify it, even for a few weeks at a time. Now I was to know the joys of six or seven months a year among fields and woods of my own, and the childish ecstasy of that first spring outing at Mamaroneck swept away all restlessness in the deep joy of communion with the earth.” 

―  Edith Wharton

Photos shot for Yesterday's Heroes 
Linen pieces by OffOn and available at Yesterday's Heroes along with vintage accessories used in the styling of this shoot.
Air plants courtesy of Strawberry Fields Flowers & Finds
Modeling by Sarah Grace Cheek