OOAK Knits | The Mandalay Vest

The Mandalay Vest

Inspired by a beautiful house somewhere on the coast in Maine. 

A place of peace and comfort. 

A place that feels like home. 

Yarn origin: Richmond, VA

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This vest is one of my absolute favorite pieces from the first run of one-of-a-kind knits.
I'm having a hard time parting with it to be honest. I love it's geometric design, inspired by the layered siding of that lovely little house in Maine. It's a statement piece that would go with pretty much anything you wanted to pair it with.

While the majority of my knitting is done at home, occasionally a project will wander out with me on various adventures, to and from different places here and there.
One of the noteworthy places this vest went was to the movie theatre to watch Arcade Fire's documentary: The Reflektor Tapes.
Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands. In fact their song, Keep The Car Running, is pretty much my anthem and mirrors one of the ideas and sentiments behind my OOAK knitwear being inspired by my travels.
Pieces made on the road.
Telling of the things I see and experience. 
Always being ready for anything.
Wherever adventure awaits.
Keep the car running.

If you'd like to invest in this piece and be the owner of it's unique story you can do so by heading to the shop listing for it below

I'm going to be releasing new one-of-a-kind knits on a regular basis so this is only the start!
I just have to say again for the hundredth time how excited I am about this new aspect of my business and I can't wait to grow more as an artist and a story teller through this process.
Thank you all for your kind words and support on the unveiling thus far. It means the world to me.

Why one-of-a-kind?

These pieces are inspired by...
the places i’ve been,
the people i’ve met,
the words i’ve read,
the images i’ve created.

All of which are unique, to themselves, their own, one-of-a-kind. 
Much like you are.

I believe that your clothing, what you wear, says a lot about you.
It adds to your story, your make-up, who you are as an individual.

And so, shouldn’t those pieces in and of themselves hold a story all their own?
I think so.
That’s why my knitwear is one-of-a-kind. 
Each design is a piece of art.
Each piece tells a story. 
Of a person. A place. An experience. An idea.
When you own one of these pieces you are the only one to own it.
Aside from me, the creator, you hold it’s story. 
You are now the caretaker of it’s story. 
And it, in turn, becomes a part of yours.
The Stories The Things We Own Tell.
I think they're terribly important, though often overlooked. 
I find that the things we invest in are the things we cherish and value most. Which in turn speaks to what kind of individual we are. What we put stock in. Who we want to be.

You can also read more about why here.

// Photos by Meagan Abell //