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Tumblehome | An Update

the sailing season is drawing to a close here on the east coast.
the last spread-eagle-fingers of warmth are disappearing and trading places with their counterparts of cold winded gusts.
always a bittersweet time. 
though a chance to look back on all the adventures had and sails enjoyed during the year, as well as a chance to look forward at all of the projects (nautically related or otherwise) that the upcoming months will bring.

i'm hoping the upcoming months will, in particular, allow me some extra time to post more on and about tumblehome.
the idea and concept for this venture with my father, the sailor, has been more of a work in progress and larger concept in need of further development than i originally realized...  
but i'm still excited about what it can become.
just wanted to give you all an update on it as so many of you have expressed interest and excitement for the ideas i've already, however limitedly, shared.
keep expressing that. i need the encouragement. 
i think one of the bigger things i'm trying to figure out in regards to it is whether or not it needs it's own website or if I can get away with continuing to link it up with A Girl Named Leney and posting here on the blog.... hmm.
what do you think?
the idea is so much a part of me, as is A Girl Named Leney as a whole, and so I'm tempted to mesh them together but the more i've been contemplating it, the more i think it begs to have it's own space for proper execution.
i'll have to keep thinking on that.

if you want to keep up with the latest on Tumblehome you can follow us on instagram and facebook.
we have a Tumblr too... though i've been pretty inconsistent with posting on that lately....

Shot in Agfa Vista 200 35mm film