A Girl Named Leney


You Can Do This


I was talking with a friend recently, and she shared this thought that I wanted to share in turn and expand upon this morning.

Always remember this: do not ever let the thought that you can’t do it creep in. As soon as you give space to that doubt- you will fail.

This resonated deeply with me because I immediately recognized the times in my life when I have in fact allowed those what-ifs and you-can’t-do-this’ creep into my framework and how it’s often caused imminent failure or, at the very least, a very halting and bumpy start.

Belief in yourself and your abilities is very often the needed thing to execute any given project or goal. As nice as it is to have the support and encouragement from others, if you don’t believe in yourself, you are without the real execution you need to accomplish anything.

This year has involved a great number of new ventures for me.
And looking back, to some degree, so has much of my life. By which I mean that I have always gone after the new, the adventurous, the out-of-the-box, the what-have-I-not-tried-yet. But if I am being honest, I cannot claim to have always had the full can-do mindset when tackling those things.

You cannot have just the drive to go forth towards new paths, you have to believe you will get to the thing you are seeking at the end of the road.

Which is the inner mantra that I plan to hold onto through these new transitions and into this upcoming year.
Because, whenever I’ve really thought about it, really, I can do it.