A Girl Named Leney



19 Things To Do Other Than The One Thing You Actually Really Need To Do

1. Eat pez out of a batman pez dispenser

2. Make jewelry (lots of it)

3. Eat a banana with nutella on it

4. Check facebook

5. Check facebook again

6. Knit

7. Organize recently taken photographs in their own individual labeled albums according to which camera they were taken with (I'm not OCD I swear....)

8. Make several itunes playlists

9. Write a letter

10. Journal

11. Contemplate doing the thing you need to do then decide against it

12. Look through yarn for a good color for a new hat

13. Paint nails

14. Paint toes

15. Catch up on blogs

16. Listen to Please Don't Go by Mike Posner three times and dance around the room

17. Eat more pez

18. Make bed

19. Write this blog post