A Girl Named Leney


Friday I'm In Love


New red lipstick

How my trash can looks after I've been especially crafty
(Paper, thread, magazine pages, dried out markers, glitter....)

Burt's Bees
(My lips are needy ok?)

Handmade gifts from friends
(I very rarely am given anything handmade, usually being the one handmaking stuff around here. But on the rare occasion I do receive a unique handmade thing I adore it. Knowing someone spent the time to make something for me just makes me feel oh-so-loved and it's my favorite.)

Magnetic poetry

These bird cage's
(I've wanted one for forever.... someone buy me a lovely vintage one please)

New notebooks
(They're my weakness)

Getting to wear a flannel
(I miss flannel weather)

This weeks Street Style post. Check it out!

And many more things but this is all I care to share today.
P.s. This is my 100th post. Wouldja look at that.