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Friday Favorites || 18

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The Nightstorms playlist on Spotify. Cannot believe I didn't know this was a thing until just now. My storm/rain/grey weather heart is so in love

Lessons In Living Like The French

Pretty imagery from my friend Bridget, a fellow plant mama

This whole album. For the music and for the title --- All Is Wild, All Is Silent 

These words

A recent TED radio hour podcast on slowing down. They also touch on Slow TV which is an interesting concept. Though I don't own, or really even like watching TV, the idea of it appeals to me.
I mean, there's a national knitting evening... basically the actual story of my life.
Plus, just THIS. Planning on watching this whole thing over the weekend.

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Friday Favorites || 17

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This NPR podcast episode was pretty much the best I've listened to all month

The Headspace app! I am on day 3 of 10 of the free sessions and I really love them. This was an app I'd downloaded a while back and never got around to using. Always having to delete it to make room for iPhone snaps. But I finally made a point to keep it and it's been so nice to start my mornings with it. 
Not sure I'll pay for it after the free sessions as there's so many other resources for guided meditation. Do you have any favorites?
I've also used Calm in the past and liked that too. As well as the Mindfulness Project

How to leave no trace

These thoughts on simplified and minimal lifestyles

All of the pins I've been putting on my home Pinterest board lately

Give Wild - Artifact Uprising's new campaign where you buy a limited addition print and it sends three kids from title 1 schools to a national park.
Such a beautiful way to give. And if you aren't convinced why this matters — In the thick of the trees, on a dirt trail, where you can hear your voice echo - we find ourselves. We listen & learn from the quiet in ways we never knew were possible. We come across undiscovered potential within. We simply, pause - a break far from the screens, notifications, and noise. This wild is the place where we will always return. We know this wild is one to be shared.

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Friday Favorites || 16

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The Most Important Thing About Your 20's

The Kinder Homes book from Ikea looks like an interesting and good read! Has anyone read it yet? 

Gypsies Get Married Too

This song/video combination

This image

A beautiful guide to and images of Morocco

Really resonate with this piece on overcoming cynicism in pursing a conscious lifestyle. Would love to hear any additional thoughts and resources on this topic if you guys have any as it is one that is so very near and dear to my heart!

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Friday Favorites || 15

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Discovering this local Richmond band

These beautiful thoughts on seasonality  

I kind of want this sandal making kit..

This song

The Exponential Benefits of Minimalism -- While I am not going as far to purge my closet of everything but two pairs of pants and three t-shirts, I have made a conscious effort over the past year to be more inttentional with my posessions and what I own. Even more so recently, letting go of things that don't "spark joy" as the famous konmari method touts, and that I don't use (or, in recent thought process, I couldn't see moving across the country with...) 
Favorite quote from the post: "The things we want only come once we create the space for them."

The concept of Sofar sounds really awesome to me. Hoping it comes to Richmond soon. What do you think about it?

This video of a story from a wooden boat builder.

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Friday Favorites || 14

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I feel like I blinked and this week went by. I have a lot of work to catch up on after being in Maine (more on that wonderful trip later...) but I am happy the weekend is here and I plan to spend some time with some people I've been missing. I've been traveling so much this summer and I need some quality time with some of my persons, know what I mean?
Here's a few favorites from this week.
I hope your weekend is a wonderful one friends. xo

Really really loved this post on The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Three Obstacles That Are Probably Keeping You From Purchasing Ethically Made Clothing

These thoughts on New York from my friend Laura

One of my favorite Etsy Shop's, Blackbird Tees, (and I'm not just sayin that cause I'm their model) is having a sale until the end of August! Go check it out here.

This photo series

This Is What Happens When You Quit Social Media For 40 Days - I wish I could do this. I suppose I could technically, but I feel like so much of my livelihood is connected to my business being present on social media. Would love to start some conversations about this one though. Do any of you fellow business owners have any thoughts on this?

This post on Bad Habits was an entertaining (and quite relatable) read for me

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Friday Favorites || 13

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Shall I bring back Friday Favorites posts??
Well, I am this week anyway.
Happy Friday!

This article on a woman who keeps 500 plants in her little Brooklyn apartment (thanks for sending this to me Madds... you get me). See my beginning/humble attempt in my instagram above... ;)

52 Ways to Simplify Your Life

The ritual of coffee is such a wonderful thing. Love this little story

How Buying One Thing Can Ruin Your Life

Artifact Uprising's Solidwool calendar does a fiber obsessed girls heart good

I love the idea of Project 333. Would really love to do it at some point. Anyone like to join me?

15 Ethical and Fairtrade Shoe Brands worth taking note of. (Also want to add my personal favorite: Sevilla Smith

Elizabeth Suzann's story about traveling with her signature pieces from her self made clothing brand.

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