Friday Favorites || 14

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I feel like I blinked and this week went by. I have a lot of work to catch up on after being in Maine (more on that wonderful trip later...) but I am happy the weekend is here and I plan to spend some time with some people I've been missing. I've been traveling so much this summer and I need some quality time with some of my persons, know what I mean?
Here's a few favorites from this week.
I hope your weekend is a wonderful one friends. xo

Really really loved this post on The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Three Obstacles That Are Probably Keeping You From Purchasing Ethically Made Clothing

These thoughts on New York from my friend Laura

One of my favorite Etsy Shop's, Blackbird Tees, (and I'm not just sayin that cause I'm their model) is having a sale until the end of August! Go check it out here.

This photo series

This Is What Happens When You Quit Social Media For 40 Days - I wish I could do this. I suppose I could technically, but I feel like so much of my livelihood is connected to my business being present on social media. Would love to start some conversations about this one though. Do any of you fellow business owners have any thoughts on this?

This post on Bad Habits was an entertaining (and quite relatable) read for me

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