A Girl Named Leney


Autumn Dreaming

by the time august rolls around i'm always dreaming of autumn. 
my favorite season.
the one in which i feel most overrun with all of the beliefs and feelings that evoke a perfect state of contentment. 
precariously-propped-open-windows letting in the best kind of daytime air.
and then, opposingly, sharp evening air whispering at collar bones and bare shoulders, asking to be covered by something more substantial then cotton and denim.
wools and thick knits pulled out of cedar chests and too-long-closed-up drawers, gradually reintroducing them to your day to day comings and goings and every day wanderings.
the smells of smoke and cold wet nights and comfort food cooking on your walks home.

sitting here patiently waiting for it as always.
as with so many things, it will come soon enough.

Shot in Agfa Vista 200 35mm film in fall 2015