A Girl Named Leney


Friday Favorites || 09

This lady is my hero

This post has me even more in the mood to camp than I was before. If that’s even possible.
Also this post of Kylie's both broke and put my heart back together. 

I saw Arcade Fire's movie The Reflektor Tapes this week, and I love them even more now. I saw them live in 2011 and seeing how they've grown since then is really cool. Also: I want to be real life best friends with Régine.

This whole album gives me all of the feels. So beautiful. Especially that last track. Gets me every time. Track six is a favorite too.

Some thoughts on the trend of minimalism. Definitely a very thought provoking read. Would love to hear your thoughts on it too if you care to share.

This video of Susie Ganch's work. I contributed coffee lids to this actually, and didn't even realize it until I watched the video!

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