A Girl Named Leney


Doing It Exactly Right

sometimes i feel like i’m doing it all wrong. 
things don’t add up. 
mistakes are made. 
problems come up. 
stresses arise. 

but i recently had this thought: what if i’m not doing it all wrong. what if, actually, i’m doing it exactly right? 

for isn’t it these moments of indecision and frustration and problems arising and choices going wrong that most often shape, mold and create us into being better and more solid beings? 
after all, without challenges and having to figure out problems, we’d never have a chance to grow.
so then, wouldn’t all of the wrongness, all of the mistakes, all of the this-isn’t-rights actually, in fact, be the opposite?
think about it. 
give yourself some grace.
you probably deserve it.
because even though you feel like you’re doing it all wrong. maybe. just maybe.
you’re actually doing it all exactly right.