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Friday Favorites || 15

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Discovering this local Richmond band

These beautiful thoughts on seasonality  

I kind of want this sandal making kit..

This song

The Exponential Benefits of Minimalism -- While I am not going as far to purge my closet of everything but two pairs of pants and three t-shirts, I have made a conscious effort over the past year to be more inttentional with my posessions and what I own. Even more so recently, letting go of things that don't "spark joy" as the famous konmari method touts, and that I don't use (or, in recent thought process, I couldn't see moving across the country with...) 
Favorite quote from the post: "The things we want only come once we create the space for them."

The concept of Sofar sounds really awesome to me. Hoping it comes to Richmond soon. What do you think about it?

This video of a story from a wooden boat builder.

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