Unfinished Thoughts

a mish mash of unfinished thoughts, brought to you from my iphone notes app. 
because i am an overly-avid-jotter-downer of thoughts that i don't always get back around to finish...ing.

-it was fall. i remember because along with the grass i was lying on there were leaves. dry. brown. prickly.

-co 52 - decrease toe until 25 sts remain

-sex and love are important aspects of life but not the summation of it. what are other things like this?

-hold onto your sea salt skin

-"if i had climbing roses and a porch swing would everything fall into place"- a thing my friend said that i want to remember

-sometimes constraints bring to life creativity

-i have a little collection of non descript "unofficial" collections of poetry because other people's bleeding hearts just get to me so

-authority is not the right to rule. it's the responsibility to serve.

-the azure gloaming. touching your skin despite the layers.

-it's better to struggle with truth and how to apply it, than to apply lies perfectly.

- ephesians 2, 2 timothy 2

-consume what you want to create