Concrete Jungle

Last weekend I took a day trip to one of my favorite places ever (as I've mentioned before), and I miss it again already. New York City never ceases to promise a good time.
Some of the days activities included....

Watching the sunrise from Brooklyn Bridge 

Eating breakfast at the City Market Cafe right across from the Flatiron Building

Taking cliche pictures in Times Square

People watching

Visiting the Hershey and M&M stores and almost passing out from the overwhelming smell of chocolate

Going to the Disney store and taking advantage of the buy one get one free deal on the stuffed animals....

Having fun in the photo booth in Forever 21

Wishing I was rich enough to shop here...

People watching

Having lunch at Europa Cafe (Parmesan eggplant to be exact. Good, but not as good as my Mums)

Taking a nap in Central Park

Taking pictures with the Minolta 

People watching

Visiting the massive Toys R Us store and wishing I was a little kid again so that I could enjoy playing with the toys there and have it be socially except-able....

Drinking hazelnut iced coffee

Walking around singing this song (speaking of which, Jay Z you are not the next Sinatra.. just sayin)

Standing on the curb trying out different shutter speeds on moving cars for a good 15 minutes

Having scrumptious pizza at Lombardi's in Little Italy 
(They get extra cool points for playing Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday)

Wishing that I had new feet, calves, and shins after walking a total of about 15-20 miles
(no really, I calculated it)