Friday I'm In Love: Fall Edition

It's Friday! My favorite day of the week. And not only that, but it's the first day of Fall! My favorite season of the year. Today has to be a fantastic day in the making.
In honor of this glorious season here are some things I know I personally am looking forward to.....

1. Raking up a big pile of leaves and jumping in them 
(No Dad, this is not me volunteering to rake the yard....)

2. Drinking, eating, and smelling all things PUMPKIN as much as possible

3. Wearing hand knit scarves, hats, gloves and sweaters every day 
(yes, quite possibly all at the same time)

4. Driving with the windows down on a crisp morning and listening to Just Like Heaven by The Cure

5. Finally being able to knit in a climate that in doing so won't give me heat stroke

6. Photographing anything and everything that has a tree, with colorful Fall leaves, near it

7. Walking on a beach on a cool day

8. Going to BOSTON

9. Taking street style pictures of Fall attire! Everyone just looks way cuter in Fall with all their layers

10. Pulling out the leather jacket

11. Pulling out BOOTS

12. Starting up my annual resolve to pick up running every morning (more like walking), going on a few nice chilly runs (again, read walk), and then quitting once it becomes lower than 50 degrees out

13. Going to a movie or two at the drive in theatre
(It's always cozier when you can snuggle under blankets)

14. Having a picnic

15. Having a BIRTHDAY!
(I rather like Birthdays. I don't understand people who don't)

16. Visiting Narnia

17. Pumpkin carving and seed roasting and eating

18. Apple picking

19. Having two more weddings to go to
(Bringing the grand total of the year to nine)

20. Bonfires

What are you looking forward to?