Friday I'm In Love: Local Love

This Friday I'm giving a little shout out to some locals. 
There are so many people who inspire me and some of them live right here in Richmond.

You should read this article, so proud of fellow Richmonder Brian McDaniel!

This photo is gorgeous (shout out to another local photographer!)

I think I see Dorothy-esque shoes in my near future....

Recently had the privilege of taking this style savvy girls pictures, as well as some others, for an upcoming new article

Loved this post by a friend of mine

Are you a Richmond fashion blogger? Join the group!

I've mentioned her before but my friend Elsbeth has a lovely blog with lovely thoughts

Check out this article, written by some friends of mine on great places to thrift around here!

Want to see some pretty art? You should check out this lovely lady's work

My Aunt is working on renovating a beautiful house. She has a great mindset about it

Hope you have a good weekend! I know I will. <3