Friday I'm In Love: With Fellow Bloggers

So I read a lot of blogs.
My reader is constantly filled with pretty images and insightful words. I love getting inspired by others and their love for life and doing the things they love.
Here are some recent favorite posts....

This engagement shoot. It's adorable.

This photo shoot. I have one of those suitcases....

A tree house bed? I want one!

A post on how to stay inspired.

Things you learn from your hairdresser.

Pretty sure this would be a dream job.

I want a pet hedgehog

If I were more savvy with electric tools I'd make this...

Love these words of wisdom.

I want to make this for breakfast. Yum yum.

Have some gifts to wrap? Make them pretty.

Like Angelina, I wish I were an (underwater) ballerina

Adding this to the to do list

What a cute office. I love the colors!

Good quote

This post

The OCD in me loves this....

Want to make your blog better? Here's how.

What are some things you love this Friday?