A Girl Named Leney


Hope Thrift

You know the feeling a thrifter gets when he/she walks into a thrift shop, finds the perfect top or accessory for an amazing price and then realizes the orange tag means it is even on sale?  
That's a good feeling.  
Now add to that, the knowledge that every dollar you just spent goes to a worthy cause in your community.  
That is the kind of thrifting that truly does the heart good. 

I am helping promote an event going on October 22nd at a local thrift store called Hope Thrift, where all the proceeds from that day will go towards supporting The Skills Development Center
And on top of all of that, when you spend $5 or more you are automatically entered into a drawing for a 1 hour photoshoot with Leney Breeden Photography! Cool right? 
Also check out the photoshoot I had with some of the girls from the Hope church youth group with some outfits from Hope Thrift and also some of my Etsy pieces to add some extra style. We had a lot of fun and the girls were all natural models and made everything look gorgeous. Their outfits will be for sale at Hope Thrift on the 22nd so be sure to mark your calendars, tell your friends, and plan a little thrifting pit stop during your day!