A Girl Named Leney


Friday I'm In Love


This tutorial on how to transfer photos to a block of wood (added to next weeks to-do list)

Someone come make my hair pretty like this or this

The time has come. Elbow patches will soon be added to a good percentage of my sweaters.

One of the biggest reasons I want an iphone is so I can play with Instagram

The nerd in me loves this

I have a secret fetish for Alice in Wonderland

I will most definitely be making this at some point in my life

I love Sandra Bullock

I wish I could make over my nails a new way every day

I want this dress. The end.

Loved reading this article on street style photography

These made me laugh

Need a bag for your camera? Turn a purse into one! (Also adding to the list of things to do next week)

I wouldn't mind having hair like Jess

Make these cute friendship bracelets for you and your best friend

And it being FRIDAY. My favorite day of the week. I hope you all have a fantastic one. <3