Friday I'm In Love


All things owl (like the purse in this post)

Pizza. I really need to start making some of these recipes I keep finding

This tutorial for homemade wire baskets! I could not love these more

This outfit. Especially the faux fox. I know. I'm weird sometimes

The way this looks. Again, I'm not vegan but it looks yummy

Pretty jewelry

Pink. I need to stop saying I don't like it. It's become a lie

This video. Erin from Calivintage really is just the cutest and most stylish person ever. I secretly wish we were best friends

Makeup tutorials

Fall trends (no wonder I'm in love with all of this lately...)

14 ways to refresh a coat


A tutorial on how to make a cute heart leaf garland

A pretty cover of a Florence and the Machine song

This article by Larissa (creator of From the Runway to RVA) in RVA News

I might not be posting this weekend since I have quite a few (exciting) things going on but I will have a lot to update on come Monday!
Have a splendid weekend <3