How Was Your Christmas?

Hello there!
I've been having the most wonderful Christmas break. 
It's been so nice sleeping in, eating lots of homemade food and spending time with some family and friends. 
The new year can wait to come if it wants, I won't mind. 
I'm in no rush to get back to the normal routine.
On another note, I got way too many presents and lovely things for Christmas
I feel so overly blessed!

Not that it's about the things we get... but things can still be so very awfully fun can't they?

One thing I was extremely surprised to get was....

An iPhone!
I could hardly believe it, I was not expecting it at all.
But I'm already in love with it.
Siri and I are totally BFF's.

And I'm addicted to Instagram already. And Words With Friends.
Isn't technology fun?
I think I have more than my fair share of it.

How was your Christmas?
Do tell!

I will be posting more about mine after the new year
Have a safe and happy one!