A Girl Named Leney


A Year In Review

It's that time of year when we all look back on our past 365 days of life and reflect on all the things we've experienced. I can say that mine has been quite a marvelous year indeed. So many new, fun, and exciting things happened in 2011! 
Here's a mini re cap of some of my personal favorites. 
(In no particular order)

Visited NYC
Actually three different times.

Started going to a bible study I love, and have gotten to know some lovely ladies who have become some of my very dearest friends.

Went to several concerts and shows... including Anberlin, Circa Survive, Jimmy Eat World, Conditions, Beirut (twice), Parachute, Arcade Fire, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals and Foster the People.
(I have a very eclectic music taste)

Met this guy.
And started dating him.
I kinda like him.
A lot.

Went to the VMFA more than a handful of times.

Went on two awesome retreats and learned a lot of amazing things.
God is awesome.

Got my passport.

Went to 8 weddings.

Started writing and taking pictures for From The Runway to RVA and as a result have met so many cool people and made some more new friends.

Saw the Picasso exhibit. 

Watched Richmond go crazy over VCU being in the final four.

Went to Kings Dominion and rode all of their roller coasters.
I like roller coasters.

Went to the Watermelon Festival.

Visited and fell in love with New Mexico.

Met and became friends with the infamous Brian McDaniel.
And had my photo of said guy featured on a poster that was put up all over Richmond!
And also had photos of myself featured on Dirty Richmond.

Started pursuing my photography more and had a lot of fun photoshoots as a result.

Was a counselor at an amazing camp and had the opportunity to fall in love with a whole cabin full of girls who will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Went to a friend's book release party.

Helped Hope Thrift raise over 3,000 dollars for The Skills Development Center.

Went to the State Fair.

Went to an air show.

Participated in two craft shows

Had the opportunity to cover some local events at The Limited, The Gap and Sephora
And my personal favorite: The VMFA Teen Stylin fashion show competition.
(Which I will still be writing about, don't worry!)

Travelled to Boston and decided I liked "The T" much more than the subway.

Had a mini photoshoot with Kristin Partin.

Picked apples at Carter Mountain.

Turned 20

Went roller skating for the first time in a decade

Visited Florida and Disney World again. 
(You're never too old right?)

Went to the Christmas Parade.

Shot several different kinds of rifles at a shooting range.
And wasn't too shabby at it.

Went sailing a couple times.

Went to the beach a couple times.

Fell in love with Justin Bieber.
(If you watch Never Say Never you will too)

Bought my new camera which I am in love with.

Travelled to Ohio and ate my weight in Cincinnati spaghetti.

Opened up my ETSY shop!
Quite possibly one of my favorite accomplishments this year.
Not gonna lie.

And then last but not least, I started blogging more.
 And I've loved all the new people I've met and new friends I've made while doing it. Not to mention all the fun collaborations, sponsorships, giveaways and photoshoots I've had the opportunity to participate in.
I dont think 2011 would have been half the eventful year it was if it weren't for this blog.
It's something that I'm definitely going to keep up with this up coming year. Not only because I can get my passions and talents out there for people to see but also because the encouragement and friendly community that you become a part of when blogging, is something I want to continue to be a part of and contribute to.
Thanks is due to all my readers, known and unknown, for helping and encouraging me to peruse my passions and not be afraid of being the person I want to be.
I hope you have a blessed and very Happy New Year.

With Love,
A Girl Named Leney