A Girl Named Leney


Manic Monday

Monday is here, and it's already been a crazy (but exciting) day!

First: Look what arrived in the mail today....

(Excuse the poor phone picture quality)

I cannot wait to get home from work and play with it!!! Also, Amazon is a fantastic business. I originally bought the camera from them for $619 but the next day it was $605, so I asked if they could do a price adjustment, and they did. Then, two days later, it was down to $575 and I asked if they could do another price adjustment... and they did! They are awesome. And on top of that my order took a mere 4 days to get here, and that's over a weekend too. I will be ordering from them more frequently.
So excited to become a Canon user!

Second: Last night I attended an event at Sephora which I will soon be posting about.

Third: Tonight is the first RVAFB meet up! Looking forward to meeting some more local bloggers and  getting to know better the ones I already have met.

Fourth: This morning I sent off some packages in the mail to some Etsy buyers! I had my first international customer and filled out my first customs form... Exciting!
Sales have been going well and I'm looking forward to putting up some more things soon.

Fifth: I have some new photoshoot sessions to post about within the next week or so! In the mean time check out some past ones here

Sixth: I am pleased to announce The Limited giveaway winner is....

Jayme and Mendi of Her Late Night Cravings! Congratulations guys! I'll have your gift for you tonight at the meet up.

Monday hasn't been such a bad day after all.