A Girl Named Leney


Today's Happiness

Today's happiness equates to

1. Falling in love with my new camera 
(see above for the first photo ever taken with it! I know I look sad... I promise I'm not)

2. Going to Urban and exchanging a pair of shoes that I got for my Birthday that didn't fit and getting four new pairs of shoes for the price of the returned ones! Yay sales.

3. Going to Panera (yea, I go there a lot) and having a little date with myself and a chocolate chip bagel.

4. making lists

5. Doing a button exchange with this cute gal. 
(If you're interested in doing an ad swap/button exchange, email me!)

6. Figuring out what to give people for Christmas

7. Talking to some new friends from the RVAFB meet up last night! Can't wait to post some pictures from that.

8. Having all the cashiers at all the places I went to today be super nice and friendly. 
I love it when people smile and are conversational despite crazy lines, hectic shoppers and grumpy managers.

9. Eating pickles

10. Finding things to be happy about even though I'm running on 4 hours of sleep

What made you happy today?