A Girl Named Leney


Dear ___

Dear Followers,
There is almost 200 of you! What? How is that possible? You all have been so wonderful in your constant encouragement and kind words. I can't tell you how much it means to me! Look out for a giveaway soon in celebration.

Dear Calendar,
Why are we already on February 22nd? What's goin on here? Slow down and let me catch up. Mmmk? Thanks.

Dear Blue Cowl,
I'm sorry I don't wear you as much as yellow cowl. I just have a special place in my heart for yellow. He's my favorite. Try not to take this too personally. Don't be too blue ok?

Dear Instagram,
Ok as I've said before, I'm way to addicted to you. I'm averaging about 5 pictures a day. Stop being so distracting and fun.

Dear Polka Dotted Rain Boots,
I just realized I've had you since I was 16. That's a pretty long time. Don't worry, I still like you.

Dear Smarties,
Don't tell anyone I ate five packages of you the other night ok? Let's just keep that our little secret.

Dear Mongolian Beef from PF Changs,
You are quite possibly the most delicious thing I've ever eaten and I day dream about you sometimes. I hope we meet again soon.

Dear Snow,
Ok, you were really pretty the other night, and I had a good snowball fight or two in you the next day. But now you're just gross and dirty and wet. Go away please and let Spring come.