Outfit Post: Where's Waldo?

So yesterday, unintentionally, my outfit was similar to something Waldo of Where's Waldo would wear.
I know. I'm weird sometimes.

I found this top at Urban recently on sale for $6! It was originally $36. This is not meant offensively, however, why in the world would you spend $36 on a t-shirt??? Are you crazy? Just curious. 
Also, the jeans were my Mom's from the 80's. Vintage at its finest.
Also, the bracelet with the blue stone is something I made the other night while testing out some new designs for the shop! I really like it. What do you think?
Also, remember when I asked for advice on finding a black blazer in this post? Well I found one at goodwill for $12, including a matching skirt. Not bad.

I discovered these gorgeous daffodils while out and about yesterday. I am crossing my fingers for Spring showing up soon! And you can also see what pretty much was yesterday's lunch. 
I am super thankful for my metabolism that's for sure. Let's hope it gives out later rather than sooner...

Outfit Details
Jeans: Vintage
Shirt: Urban Outfitters 
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Forever 21
Gold bracelets: Thrifted
Blue agate bracelet: Me
Watch: Michael Kors
Blazer: Goodwill