Day 2

Yesterday was a pretty short day on account of my sleeping in until 12... Thank you jet lag.
However it was a pretty nice day none the less.
Had some tea with breakfast (lunch?) and something called digestives.
Digestives are scrumptious.
When I was asked if I wanted one I was a bit confused at first... I thought it was a pill or something to help with your digestion! but it's actually a cookie of sorts.
So yummy.
I'm obsessed with them.
You dip them in your tea and they taste just wonderful. I'm going to have to buy a pack or two to take home.

Went to Kidz Klub with my friend in the early afternoon which was a really neat experience. Essentially it's a program that goes around to different primary schools in more deprived areas and puts on a little hour event for them. They have games and music and a little play about something from the Bible that they teach on. It's really neat and all the kids were so sweet. I couldn't get over them, in their little uniforms and accents.
Seriously precious.
I was surprised at how quickly they warmed up to me. Some came right over and asked me questions and told me funny little things as if I was already their best friend.
I wish I had another opportunity to participate in it again because it really was fun.

After that we went to a little coffee shop called Oomoo and had a chai tea latte and a blackberry muffin. Very delicious.
It was a neat little place. If it was back home I would go there quite often I think. I loved the atmosphere and the furniture and decorations. I liked sitting so that I could face the window and people watch.
The people who worked there were very nice as well.
Everyone's always so friendly and asks where I'm from and if I'm enjoying it here.

We've been walking everywhere for the most part. Only taken the bus two times and have had someone drive us only once or twice. I really have enjoyed that aspect of being here. I love walking. I really wish I lived in a part of Richmond where I could do that more and actually get somewhere. It'd be nice to bike or walk to the places I need to go.
Not to mention gas (or, "petrol" as it's called here) is just so expensive.
Walking through the quaint neighborhoods has been fun. I love the different windows and doors on all the little houses and flats. With their in-the-middle door knobs and lacy curtains and chipped paint and worn wood.
Though a little old man knocked on his window at me one time while I was taking a picture of his front door... guess he didn't like that... Oops.

We went to the youth group at Frontline later that night. Saw some of the people I had met at the movie the night before and met some new ones. I look forward to getting to know some of them better.
Everyone was quizzing me on various American terms (for instance, they call band aids "plasters", bangs "fringe" and sweaters "jumpers"), it was fun. I did feel a bit funny being older than the youth and about as old as the leaders, yet participating with the youth activities but it was fine for the most part.

After that we had a quiet dinner at home of some yummy leftover pasta dish (I really haven't had anything I didn't like here so far), blogged, had some tea (of course), caught up on emails, looked into a possible trip to Scotland and went to bed!

Not too eventful but a nice day all in all.