Day 3

Started the day off with a cup of tea (of course) and then headed to see The Walker Art Gallery which is home to one of the largest collections of art in England, outside of London.
It was really nice, I liked it a lot. However I didn't see any pieces that I recognized. Not that I study art history, but I thought I would at least have seen one or two...
I'm probably not going to be visiting many other museums while I'm here, if any, because I would rather be out exploring than in a building looking at history. It's very interesting and I like it, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather be out seeing it for myself.
You know?
However it was really nice to visit at least one, especially an art one, since those are my personal favorite.
Though I must admit I think the VMFA is still my favorite.
But I'm biased.

After that we went home and just hung around a bit and relaxed.
I've really been loving the house I'm staying at.
There's a fireplace in nearly every room, and though most are not in use, it adds a romanticized charm to things. I also love the old fashioned heaters everywhere. Which I really love for some reason.
Also England, or maybe just Liverpool in general, seems to have a thing for lace curtains.
Which, again, I love.
I also found this to be the case in New Mexico actually.
Or maybe I just notice lace curtains everywhere I go because I have an odd love for them.

Went on a walk around the neighborhood later in the afternoon.
I love getting out and exploring by myself.
There's just something about the quiet solitude of being in a new place all by yourself and discovering things on your own, at your own pace that I really love. Almost makes you feel as if those things are all yours, just for you. Does that make any sense?
Probably not.

Attended a party later in the evening, which was fun. It was interesting to see, or rather hear, that everyone here listens to relatively similar music actually. There were a few songs that were foreign to me, but for the most part I recognized most of it.
Another observation: there were some gorgeous shoes.
Speaking of shoes, I walked over two miles in heels last night.
The highest pair I own, might I add.
Not the first time I've done this, however I feel like it still warrants some praise. It's not easy you know. Especially when it's cold out.

That's about it really.
Another lovely day in Liverpool.
It's slowly stealing my heart.

P.s. April is here!