A Girl Named Leney


Day 10

Last day in Scotland.
So very sad to be leaving this place but I will be back one day.
How could I not?

Started off the day with going to a farmers' market overlooked by the castle.
Then again, everything is overlooked by the castle. That's one of the coolest things about this city, pretty much everywhere you go you can see the castle from where you are.
The farmers' market was really neat though. There were stands full of freshly made bread and colorful vegetables. And meat carts, one of which had a whole entire roasted pig on it (I'm guessing it was roasted... I really don't know how it was cooked actually) and even little stands of handmade soaps, jellies and knitted things.
It happens once every week, rain or shine.
Reminded me that I really need to check out The Farmers' Market that happens back at home.
Can you believe I've never been?

On the way back to the flat we stopped in Edinburgh Books, a wonderful little book shop. If only I had all day to spend in there, I'm sure I could have kept myself perfectly happy for hours. They seemed to have everything. In fact, when I asked the girl at the front if they had Lord of the Flies (one of my favorite books) she took me to not one, but three different copies of it.
Needless to say one came home with me.
I also purchased one of their cute bags.

After that we headed home to make a breakfast of crumpets (so delicious) and omelets.
And tea. Of course.
It was interesting actually because, while Will made the omelets, Jackie and I discussed tea.
Or rather, the tradition and comfort of it. How it brings people together on a daily basis, not just once but several times. How something as simple as sharing a cup of tea can be more than just that. The routine and familiarity of it can be something comforting you share with people you love and bring you together to spend some time talking about your day.
I love that about everyone here. The familiar question of "Tea?" accompanied by the following, "Milk and sugar?" and if the answer to the latter is yes: "One or two?"
It's definitely something I'm going to miss.
Then again, not having 4 cups of tea a day will probably be good for me...

Will and Jackie saw me off at the station. As I got on the bus, heading to the very back, I looked out the window at this wonderful city, wondering what it was about it exactly that I loved so much.
I loved being able to see the castle from virtually wherever you were in the city.
I loved the friendliness of the people I met and their love for life and living in a place they love.
I loved the architecture. Buildings and churches that were older than our country and have withstood the test of so much time.
I loved the untouched countryside and the beautiful colors of it.
I loved the food. As weird and unappealing as some of it was to me, it's just a different culture with different traditions.
I loved experiencing a place I'd never been but one that is now home to some of my friends, and having them share a little bit of their life with me.

Dear Will and Jackie,
Thank you for being such wonderful hosts during my visit and being so welcoming and making me feel so at home. Thanks for the delicious meals (even the haggis), the good conversation (especially those stories of Jackie's....), for carrying my heavy luggage (I swear, it was just the computer), for walking all those extra hills (ouch), for a floor to sleep on (haha) and showing me around the place you now call home. I had the best time and you both made it an experience I will always treasure.
Love to you both and can't wait to see you again soon!

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