A Girl Named Leney


Day 11

Happy Easter!

I do miss


, but it's good to be back in Liverpool.

Being with my friends, new and old, who have become my family of sorts while I've been here.

I love having the routines I've created with them and spending time with them that I normally don't get to back home.

It's been a lot of fun.

We went to

Richmond Tavern

again last night and sat and played cards.

I've become kind of addicted to cards since being here. We've played a lot.

I forgot how much fun it is!

Afterwards I had some proper


 from a fish and chips shop seasoned with vinegar and salt.

They were quite delicious (thanks again Jenn!)

I really missed my family this morning.

Easter holds many traditions (which are my favorite), including easter baskets, church as a family, a cookout with more family and of course a family photo.

I even miss the family photo.

Which always takes ages, even though it really shouldn't.

Everyone always grumbles and complains, someone always blinks (*cough* Gray *cough*) and someone always takes off their sweater vest before it's time.

I miss little things like that.

Service this morning was good though. They had confetti go off at the end which was fun. That's what today's picture is of actually. Because I didn't take a single picture today save this one with my phone.

We sung Matt Redman's song

Here Is Love

during worship and I was struck by the beauty of the following verse:

On the mount of crucifixion

Fountains opened deep and wide

Through the floodgates of God's mercy

Flowed a vast and gracious tide

Grace and love, like mighty rivers

Poured incessant from above

And Heav'n's peace and perfect justice

Kissed a guilty world in love

It may be cliche to say that you have a new realization of Christ's love for you on Easter day, but honestly how could you not? How could you not be struck with a renewed sense of wonder on the day we celebrate his sacrifice for us and his resurrection? I feel like it really can only elicit that feeling, however repeated or "cliche" it may be.

The line "And heaven's peace and perfect justice, kissed a guilty world in love" paints the most beautiful picture. That despite all of our filth and sin, it didn't matter to Him, He still loved us enough to embrace us in His love.

He wasn't afraid to get His hands dirty.

He loves us that much.