Day 14

Second to last day here in England.

I can't quite believe my time here is almost over! It's been amazing to say the least.
Today we all slept in, recovering from our exhausting adventures in London.
It was nice to sleep in a bed that wasn't one foot from the ceiling!
After taking our time with eating breakfast (drinking tea) and getting dressed we headed into town to see the two cathedrals that are here in Liverpool. They were one of the few things left on my list I had yet to see!

The first was the Catholic cathedral.
Like I said in my previous post about the cathedral we visited in London, the peace and reference you feel walking into such a place is such a calming and wonderful feeling.
The stain glass center of the church was so amazingly gorgeous. From every angle in the room you could look up and see a different color scheme and varying rainbow shades of glass.
Also around the cathedral were art pieces with varying depictions of the crucifixion that were very moving. They weren't very pretty or very nice to look at in the sense that they were kinda scary and gory feeling. However that's how it really was when it happened. It wasn't all gentile and beautiful as a lot of sculptures and pictures make it out to be.

The second was the Anglican cathedral.
I found that this cathedral was much more beautiful in the architecture and also just in the older feel of it. Both cathedrals were completed at the same time, though the Anglican was started earlier.
Despite its beauty, there was more of a touristy feel in it because of the gift shop and there were more people wandering around which made it noisier.
However, because of it's size, there were rooms and corridors that were more peaceful and had less traffic which was nice.
Another cool thing about it was that every brick used in building it is a different size, to represent the body of Christ and how we are all different as well, no two of us the same.
I really loved that.
We were also able (for a price of £5) to go up on the top of the cathedral and overlook the city.
Lucky for us, it was a rare and beautiful day.
It was really a great experience and totally worth the money spent to see it.

After that we wandered around L1 a little bit. We stopped by Primark again (I mean, how could I not?) perused their Urban Outfitters (so pretty) and finally ended up at the tiny little Krispy Kreme kiosk where we bought a dozen donuts and proceeded to lie in the sun stuffing our faces with them.
(Good news, they taste the same as they do back home)
Which made this girl a very happy one indeed.

Went home to a dinner of Porcupine Meatballs followed by cake pops for dessert (I've finally tried one! So yummy. Now just to make some myself...).
And then after contemplating packing, and deciding against it, we went back out to a few pubs (The Richmond Tavern included of course) and had a great second-to-last night out on the town.

I am most definitely going to miss this place.