A Girl Named Leney


Day 15

It's my last day here in Liverpool.

My stars am I ever going to miss this place.
I've been telling everyone that I feel like 2 weeks is the time frame in which a place finally starts to feel like home. You've been there long enough to become familiar with it and you've started various routines that you become used to. So, needless to say, this place feels like home to me already.
The people, the atmosphere, the activities, the routines.
I love it all.
I am ready to get home though.
I do miss it a lot.
Mostly the people.
And to be honest, living out of a suitcase has gotten old at this point. It'd be nice to have more of a variety of clothing to choose from when getting dressed in the morning, as silly as that sounds.
But I digress.

Today we packed a picnic lunch and went to Sefton Park.
It was a really relaxed and chill afternoon. We mostly just laid in the grass, eating, talking, sketching, reading, people watching, listening to music and throwing dandelions at each other (don't ask).
It was yet another gorgeous day.
I really have been lucky with the weather while I've been here. It's been so nice and sunny most of the time.

We headed home for dinner when the sun started going down and our jackets were no longer enough to keep us warm.
After dinner I put off packing for a few hours (I really hate packing) and watched hilarious youtube videos with Adam instead.
Then finally I got on with it since it was either pack or leave everything behind (and I'd spent too much money on yarn to do that).
I actually finished in an hour flat. I was quite proud of myself.
It looked like I wasn't going to make it there for awhile though, with all the extra books, yarn and sweaters I'd bought... (the fact that I had to carry two jackets onto the plane is besides the point).
After everything was all squared away we went to The Richmond Tavern one last time.
It was kind of sad, knowing I wouldn't be back there for a very long time. But it was nice to end the night with a place I'd frequented often on this trip and grown to love.

My last day wasn't anything super adventurous or extra special, but it was perfect nonetheless.
Just spending some good quality time with my old friends, and some new ones, and not being in any hurry to do anything or go anywhere, but just to relax and enjoy one another's company.

I went to bed not quite believing that I was going home in the morning.
I've had such a wonderful time on this trip.
I wish I was able to better express all of my thoughts and feelings about it.
I've experienced so many countless new and wonderful things.
Created memories that I will enjoy looking back on years from now and made some friends which I hope will last equally as long.
I know I've only seen a small portion of what this side of the world has to offer, but I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to come back and explore some more.
It was worth all the time and money spent and every minute of sleep lost.

Liverpool, it's been lovely.
Thank you for being so good to me and making me feel so at home. I love you dearly and all that comes with you and I look forward to visiting you again some day.

Until then, cheers!