Friday's Letters

Dear Summer (again),
I feel like time is just flying by and you are almost over. I can hardly believe it. I'm a little torn between excitement for cool weather and sweaters and more knitting and not getting to go to the beach anymore.

Dear Scrambled Egg Breakfast,
You were amazing.
If I do say so myself.
Since I did make you.

Dear Packing,
Why are you always so hard?

Dear Employees at That One 7-11,
Thanks for always being so nice.
Seriously have never come across nicer, sweeter, more friendly people in a gas station before.

Dear Readers,
Sorry for the lack of super interesting posts lately.
I'll get back on the ball again soon!

Dear Thrift Stores Everywhere,
I have not visited one of you in quite a very long time. I have to say I'm quite proud of myself for this diligent abstinence. However, I do dearly miss you.

Dear Joann Fabrics,
Why is it that I always go in to buy one thing but then come out without that one thing but a cartful of extra things??

Dear Weekend,
I hope there's some sleep involved sometime during your stay.