The Vans Warped Tour

I had the opportunity to check out The Vans Warped Tour this week with The Gray Haven Project and, of course, I took a couple pictures while I was there! 
Just a couple though.
Too hot to even pull out my camera.
Though most of the music there wasn't really "my jam", as some would say, there was this one band called Skinny Lister that was so fun and quirky.
I loved them.
They had so much energy and you could tell they really loved what they were doing.
One of my friends described their sound as "pirate music".
Gotta love it.
Needless to say they were mostly what I took pictures of.
Oh and that's a picture of Yellowcard at the end.
For all of the five minutes I listened to them...
Did anyone else listen to Ocean Avenue when they were younger?
Don't even try to deny it. You know you did.
(Side note: Please notice the person crowd surfing in the last photo with their legs straight up in the air...)


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