A Girl Named Leney


Hello Fall

(Since it doesn't quite look like Fall yet, here's a photo from last year!)

Fall is officially here!
I can hardly believe it.
After wishing and waiting it has finally arrived.
I cannot wait to...

1. Go to a pumpkin patch
2. Go star gazing
3. Take a trip to New York City 
4. Introduce some new designs and ideas in my Etsy shop
6. Go apple picking
7. See some movies at the drive in
8. Wear Fall clothing
9. Sit by fires (indoors and outdoors)
10. Have hot drinks like apple cider and tea and hot chocolate
11. Take walks in crisp evening air
12. Wear Snuggie's and footy pajamas
13. See new colors in the trees
14. Have a Birthday!
15. Eat my Mom's sweet potatoes
16. Celebrate Thanksgiving
17. Have a different scenery for photoshoots
18. Eat a funnel cake at the state fair

This list is pretty much the same as my one from last year...
But hey, there are some things you only get to do during a certain time of year, you know?

What are you looking forward to this Fall?