A Girl Named Leney


Work Routine

Having your own business is definitely a challenge.

I'm not going to lie, being my own boss is awesome.
I make my own rules and don't have to ask for vacation time for starters.
Not to mention I get to do something I love!
However, it's definitely a challenge as well.
I've mentioned before that I'm a procrastinator, and when it comes to work related stuff I am no different. Especially because what I do is fun (most of the time), I can so easily not take it seriously at times. However, I've learned that when I do that I'm at risk of not having others take me seriously either. 
So it's something that I'm working on.

I'm also still working on a good work routine. 
Today was one of those days where I sat in front of the computer all day because I let some things build up. 
Editing photos, answering emails, posting on Facebook, answering inboxes, texting, blogging, listing things on Etsy, watching tv shows while working on custom orders, writing, instagraming etc. etc.
My eyes are kind of hating me right now.

So my question to all of you is...
How do you do it?
For those of you who have your own business and work from home, what is your routine?
What are your tips?
How do you balance out work life and everything else?
And in the midst of it all find time to relax and do something for yourself?
Please enlighten me! 
I'd love to hear your answers.
Because it's something I'm still working on.
And always will be honestly.
Because you can always learn something new:)